The Eve of New Me

The Eve of New Me.

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

Well I went and started a blog. It’s almost 2020 why in the fuck did I go and do something like that? Well I made a goal for myself in the new year. I call myself a writer and I need to be that. So over the next twelve months; I want to write 12 screenplays. So naturally a blog is the best way for me to go about creating a time wasting exercise that will only prove to distract from that goal.

You see what I did there? It’s called self sabotage but that is me. The master of my own domain. Hopefully during the year I will post musing and updates here so people can keep track of my progress. I have other goals for 2020 I’m not posting publicly but if a manager to accomplish them you can bet your ass I’ll be posting here. SO if you’ll have me, pay attention to the site. Or if you’re like me and am a bit lazy, just use your email and subscribe…I think that is how this works. I’m not too sure. I’m new to this. Like I said.

I’m just here to write some shit.

L’Orange Drops Hints Of Surprise Album Soon

Hip Hop Producer L’Orange tweets out a cryptic post with subtle hints to a surprise album team up with Solemn Brigham. The tweet itself is below.

Clue One:

“Twitter for iPhone”. L’Orange posted the tweet from an iPhone. As some of you might not know, the iPhone is made by a bunch of underpaid third world people for pennies, by a much bigger company, that is used by the company known as “Apple”. Apple at one point in time was the maker of the “iPod”. The iPod was an MP3 player. Break that down and “MP3” is a widely used format for music. Music in which the iPod played, that you had to use the program “iTunes” to put on there. Who owns iTunes you ask? No other than APPLE.

Clue Two:

If you take the L out of L’Orange and you are left with Orange. Which is a fruit. LIKE AN APPLE!

Clue Three:

L’Orange posted it with a gif (pronounced gif) of people dancing. AND WHAT DO PEOPLE DANCE TO? MUSIC THAT’S WHAT!

Clue Four:

Clue Four was the hardest clue of all to decipher that L’Orange was dropping a surprise team up album with Solemn Brigham. After a lot of work, spending a lot of bitcoin, we were finally able to crack it! There was a link for you to buy MARLOWE 2. That final piece of the fucking puzzle. It’s Marlowe 2. Marlowe was the name of the first team up album between L’Orange and Brigham. The added 2 has implications of there being a second one.

L’Orange thought he could get away with the mystery, but I broke the news here first people. L’Orange and Solemn Brigham are dropping a Marlowe 2 album on Friday, August 7th 2020!

Here is the mystery link we were able to solve:


Ending of “Hamilton” on Disney+ Is Different Than Original and Here’s Why…

I’ve seen a lot of talk lately about the ending of the Hamilton musical, and I am honestly surprised that people did not make the obvious meaning of it.


For those not in the know, Hamilton is a musical that is currently on Broadway umm, on Disney+ due to Disney needing some fresh new content in a hurry. They decided to put the original cast recording on the service MUCH earlier than originally planned. It’s good y’all. Seriously go watch it it. I’ll wait……okay did you see it?


I’m trusting that you saw it. Now about that ending. There are a few theories going around and but it means. Maybe some people who saw the live performance is confused because it does not end the same way it did on Broadway. I think it has to do with the fact that you can do a lot more with the Disney+ version. Final spoiler waring!

Hamilton The Seussical Musical end with a very exciting device that only the Disney+ service can offer. You see unlike the theatrical experience, watching it from home they were able to change the ending buy having end credits. Showing you everyone who worked on it, and able to give you a nice show about it by making it scroll on the screen for you. Yeah, sure when you see it live they give you a booklet with all the cast and crew that worked hard on it. BUT only Disney price give you even MORE people. I’d like to see your playbill list a cameraman or a an assistant editor. (SHOUT OUT TO JUNIOR NUNEZ YOU THE REAL MVP!). You see like many films, end credit sequences are vital to the ending. You cannot have and ending without end credits (For modern films, not talking about the old days where the crazy sumbitches put the end credits at the start.)

I hope this explanation clears up all the confusion over the ending of Hamilton.

BREAKING: Marvel Confirms 9/11 Happens In The MCU

Breaking news today, as it has been revealed that the horrible events of 9/11 happened in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel subtly hints at it in their 2012 smash hit “Marvel’s The Avengers”. It’s a very subtle and quick reference, almost a blink and you will miss it sort of hint.

As you know, “Marvel’s The Avenger’s” came out in 2012 breaking all sorts of box office records with it’s all star cast including the relatively unknown Robert Downey Jr, some of you may remember starred in such films as “Iron Man”, and it’s sequel titled “Iron Man 2”. There are also subtle hints in “Marvel’s The Avengers” that those films MAY be connected to the previous two Iron Man movies, but more on that story later at it develops.

Back to the main topic of “Marvel’s The Avengers” 9/11 reference. Towards the end of the film The Avenger’s are doing their avenging in New York City, in New York. As some of you may recall New York City, New York is where The World Trade Centers stood before the horrible attacks on 9/11/2001. What some of you might NOT know, is during the scene, The World Trade Centers cannot be seen in any of the shots, due to them no longer standing. This CONFIRMS without a doubt that 9/11 did indeed happen during the Marvel Cinematic Universe -or- MCU for short.

This has been Little Known Movie Facts! Tune in next week.


Breaking News! Earlier today McDonald’s held a press conference at their headquarters in Chicago, Illinois shortly after closure of the stock market. After a day amid of McFurry of questions about the Shamrock Shake a local store owner broke down and admitted that stores don’t actually own a milkshake machine, In fact the few times a day when they do give out shakes is always after Hector went on a Frosty run to Wendys. When asked why the company would lie about Milkshakes all these years, the president replied with “You’re always at the store, what are you going to do, leave? Fuck ’em.”

More on this story as it develops.

My Podcast!

So I have a podcast too. Frank’s Castle where we geek out and talk all kinds of nerdy shit. Currently we have resumed talking about the MCU, one movie at a time. Started last year and now that the holidays are over, we are resuming it! I just put out the new episode about the incredible Hulk. I am going to attempt to get these out weekly, you never know when. Just pay attention here or subscribe to it on SoundCloud or wherever you listen to your podcasts!