L’Orange Drops Hints Of Surprise Album Soon

Hip Hop Producer L’Orange tweets out a cryptic post with subtle hints to a surprise album team up with Solemn Brigham. The tweet itself is below. Clue One: “Twitter for iPhone”. L’Orange posted the tweet from an iPhone. As some of you might not know, the iPhone is made by a bunch of underpaid thirdContinue reading “L’Orange Drops Hints Of Surprise Album Soon”

Ending of “Hamilton” on Disney+ Is Different Than Original and Here’s Why…

I’ve seen a lot of talk lately about the ending of the Hamilton musical, and I am honestly surprised that people did not make the obvious meaning of it. For those not in the know, Hamilton is a musical that is currently on Broadway umm, on Disney+ due to Disney needing some fresh new contentContinue reading “Ending of “Hamilton” on Disney+ Is Different Than Original and Here’s Why…”

BREAKING: Marvel Confirms 9/11 Happens In The MCU

Breaking news today, as it has been revealed that the horrible events of 9/11 happened in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel subtly hints at it in their 2012 smash hit “Marvel’s The Avengers”. It’s a very subtle and quick reference, almost a blink and you will miss it sort of hint. As you know, “Marvel’sContinue reading “BREAKING: Marvel Confirms 9/11 Happens In The MCU”


Breaking News! Earlier today McDonald’s held a press conference at their headquarters in Chicago, Illinois shortly after closure of the stock market. After a day amid of McFurry of questions about the Shamrock Shake a local store owner broke down and admitted that stores don’t actually own a milkshake machine, In fact the few timesContinue reading “BREAKING NEWS: McDONALDS ADMITS THEY DON’T HAVE A MILKSHAKE MACHINE”