L’Orange Drops Hints Of Surprise Album Soon

Hip Hop Producer L’Orange tweets out a cryptic post with subtle hints to a surprise album team up with Solemn Brigham. The tweet itself is below.

Clue One:

“Twitter for iPhone”. L’Orange posted the tweet from an iPhone. As some of you might not know, the iPhone is made by a bunch of underpaid third world people for pennies, by a much bigger company, that is used by the company known as “Apple”. Apple at one point in time was the maker of the “iPod”. The iPod was an MP3 player. Break that down and “MP3” is a widely used format for music. Music in which the iPod played, that you had to use the program “iTunes” to put on there. Who owns iTunes you ask? No other than APPLE.

Clue Two:

If you take the L out of L’Orange and you are left with Orange. Which is a fruit. LIKE AN APPLE!

Clue Three:

L’Orange posted it with a gif (pronounced gif) of people dancing. AND WHAT DO PEOPLE DANCE TO? MUSIC THAT’S WHAT!

Clue Four:

Clue Four was the hardest clue of all to decipher that L’Orange was dropping a surprise team up album with Solemn Brigham. After a lot of work, spending a lot of bitcoin, we were finally able to crack it! There was a link for you to buy MARLOWE 2. That final piece of the fucking puzzle. It’s Marlowe 2. Marlowe was the name of the first team up album between L’Orange and Brigham. The added 2 has implications of there being a second one.

L’Orange thought he could get away with the mystery, but I broke the news here first people. L’Orange and Solemn Brigham are dropping a Marlowe 2 album on Friday, August 7th 2020!

Here is the mystery link we were able to solve:


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