Ending of “Hamilton” on Disney+ Is Different Than Original and Here’s Why…

I’ve seen a lot of talk lately about the ending of the Hamilton musical, and I am honestly surprised that people did not make the obvious meaning of it.


For those not in the know, Hamilton is a musical that is currently on Broadway umm, on Disney+ due to Disney needing some fresh new content in a hurry. They decided to put the original cast recording on the service MUCH earlier than originally planned. It’s good y’all. Seriously go watch it it. I’ll wait……okay did you see it?


I’m trusting that you saw it. Now about that ending. There are a few theories going around and but it means. Maybe some people who saw the live performance is confused because it does not end the same way it did on Broadway. I think it has to do with the fact that you can do a lot more with the Disney+ version. Final spoiler waring!

Hamilton The Seussical Musical end with a very exciting device that only the Disney+ service can offer. You see unlike the theatrical experience, watching it from home they were able to change the ending buy having end credits. Showing you everyone who worked on it, and able to give you a nice show about it by making it scroll on the screen for you. Yeah, sure when you see it live they give you a booklet with all the cast and crew that worked hard on it. BUT only Disney price give you even MORE people. I’d like to see your playbill list a cameraman or a an assistant editor. (SHOUT OUT TO JUNIOR NUNEZ YOU THE REAL MVP!). You see like many films, end credit sequences are vital to the ending. You cannot have and ending without end credits (For modern films, not talking about the old days where the crazy sumbitches put the end credits at the start.)

I hope this explanation clears up all the confusion over the ending of Hamilton.

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