BREAKING: Marvel Confirms 9/11 Happens In The MCU

Breaking news today, as it has been revealed that the horrible events of 9/11 happened in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel subtly hints at it in their 2012 smash hit “Marvel’s The Avengers”. It’s a very subtle and quick reference, almost a blink and you will miss it sort of hint.

As you know, “Marvel’s The Avenger’s” came out in 2012 breaking all sorts of box office records with it’s all star cast including the relatively unknown Robert Downey Jr, some of you may remember starred in such films as “Iron Man”, and it’s sequel titled “Iron Man 2”. There are also subtle hints in “Marvel’s The Avengers” that those films MAY be connected to the previous two Iron Man movies, but more on that story later at it develops.

Back to the main topic of “Marvel’s The Avengers” 9/11 reference. Towards the end of the film The Avenger’s are doing their avenging in New York City, in New York. As some of you may recall New York City, New York is where The World Trade Centers stood before the horrible attacks on 9/11/2001. What some of you might NOT know, is during the scene, The World Trade Centers cannot be seen in any of the shots, due to them no longer standing. This CONFIRMS without a doubt that 9/11 did indeed happen during the Marvel Cinematic Universe -or- MCU for short.

This has been Little Known Movie Facts! Tune in next week.

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