The Eve of New Me

The Eve of New Me.

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

Well I went and started a blog. It’s almost 2020 why in the fuck did I go and do something like that? Well I made a goal for myself in the new year. I call myself a writer and I need to be that. So over the next twelve months; I want to write 12 screenplays. So naturally a blog is the best way for me to go about creating a time wasting exercise that will only prove to distract from that goal.

You see what I did there? It’s called self sabotage but that is me. The master of my own domain. Hopefully during the year I will post musing and updates here so people can keep track of my progress. I have other goals for 2020 I’m not posting publicly but if a manager to accomplish them you can bet your ass I’ll be posting here. SO if you’ll have me, pay attention to the site. Or if you’re like me and am a bit lazy, just use your email and subscribe…I think that is how this works. I’m not too sure. I’m new to this. Like I said.

I’m just here to write some shit.

2 thoughts on “The Eve of New Me

  1. Congratulations on your new blog! Sometimes every one of us has to open a new one of these, no matter what year it is.

    Writing is ridiculously good for the soul, and whatever makes the writing happen is king. I hope this blog helps by giving you a comfortable place to put some words.

    This year the plan for me is to go old school with my collection of notebooks and blank books (of course I have enough of them to qualify as a collection). But I would never discount the possibility of opening a new blog. XD


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